How One Online Strategy Changed the Landscape of my Business Forever!

How One Online Strategy Changed the Landscape of my Business Forever!

"Programmatic Retargeting Helped My Business Increase Conversions, and It Can Help Yours!"

Generating Traffic to Your Website is Just the Beginning

Let me first start off by saying. I love SEO. SEO for business owners is the holy grail of marketing. I can sit here and throw around some cool statistics that prove this to be true. But here's one that I say at least ten times per day. "81% of consumers search online before buying. Purchases begin with search." 

Yesterday, I saw a new commercial "Hey Google." Search marketing has hit the mainstream media channels. It's necessary for local and small business owners to evolve with technology to meet the demands of the consumer - this is what SEO provides.

If you are not ranking for relevant keywords in your industry your business is irrelevant. The company that ranks for those keywords gets the customer, or at least has the ability to get the conversation started with new prospects.

Your business may not seem irrelevant right now, because you're getting sales because you've built strong referral networks. As technology continues to evolve if you are not proactive in your marketing strategy to adapt to the demands of the consumer eventually your business will see the effects of not having an SEO strategy.

Developing an SEO strategy is something you should get figured out before it's too late. It's almost like Insurance  "You don't get insurance when you need it, you get insurance when you don't need it to protect your assets." SEO is the foundation of every business's online presence; not to mention, it's the most consistent way to drive prospects and customers to your store. 

Moreover, this brings me to my next point and the reason for this article. Not everyone that visits your website or store is going to convert. Most of the time unless you've set up the right analytics tracking you will not even know they've been there. It's not unusual to have more than 90 percent of website visitors leave your site without taking the desired action.

Not every website visitor is at the same stage of the sales cycle.  There are just as many visitors who put stuff in carts or start a sign-up process without checking out or completing the rest of the steps. In my own experience, I've found that one of the most overlooked digital marketing strategies is programmatic retargeting. It's a strategy that involves reaching out to previous visitors, and it can be a cost-effective marketing strategy for any business. It's worked for my company, and it can work for yours.

Target Non-Converting Website Visitors

What you're doing with retargeting is targeting customers who've already shown an interest in your products or services, but they have yet to complete a conversion. There are many reasons why this happens. Some visitors might need more information to decide if a purchase is worth their effort. Others may not have had time to complete their checkout, and some customers may need an extra nudge in the form of an added incentive like free shipping or a discount. Retargeting can be exceptionally cost-effective for small businesses with a limited marketing budget because the cost per conversion is often lower when previous website visitors are targeted again.

Explore Different Types of Retargeting

The most common type of retargeting is displaying ads for visitors who've left your site without taking any action. Search retargeting involves using specific keywords or phrases to target searchers showing an interest in your products or services. Social media retargeting uses social media pages to present ads to searchers who have previously visited your website. With email retargeting, you'll focus on visitors who have at least provided their email address even though they didn't complete a conversion. You can get specific with retargeting emails and present added incentives for visitors to return to your site. Within the various types of retargeting, you can narrow your focus to particular segments, including general website visitors, specific product visitors, and abandoned shopping cart visitors.

Measure Your Retargeting Success

Measure the success of your retargeting efforts by paying attention to the right metrics. First, look at how many leads can be attributed to your retargeting efforts. Then, consider conversions you get from previous website visitors who click on a retargeting ad versus those who skip the ad and opt to visit your site directly to complete their purchase. Also, look at how many email opens and site visits can be attributed to retargeting to get an idea of how much return you're getting on your investment.

Keep these digital marketing secrets involving retargeting in mind as you fine-tune your digital strategy. As for setting up a retargeting plan, you'll use your AdWords account on Google or simply dive into your data to set up retargeting email or social media campaigns. There are also retargeting platforms that will allow you to set up ads on multiple platforms. Another option is to work with a specialized agency like Brandmize 365 that has experience with small business marketing techniques like SEO and Programmatic retargeting. Get in touch today to learn more.

Developing an SEO campaign that drives targeted traffic to your site with an added programmatic retargeting campaign will create the impact and return on investment your business desires to remain relevant within this technology-driven consumer world.  

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at or if you want to dive deeper into these powerful marketing strategies join my next webinar.  CLICK HERE to register.

To Your Success,

Dustin Capp
Founder & CEO

Member of AMA (American Marketing Association) "Empowering our Local Communities Marketing."

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