5 Ways Small Businesses Can Win with Digital

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Win with Digital

5 Small Business Digital Marketing Strategies


1. Build a Solid Content Strategy That Inspires and Provides Value

For years, many marketers have proven that content is king. Quality content that's interesting, engaging, and eye-catching should do well under one condition: The content creation must be consistent. If the content is produced every once in a while on a sporadic basis, there's almost no point. Develop a realistic schedule for your team to produce and stick with it.

2. Engage and Build Relationships on Social Media

Even though content creation is a major piece of the puzzle, it's still only one piece. In order to increase traffic with social media, you'll need to increase engagement and build relationships. Like, comment, and engage with people who follow you. Find people who you'd like to build a relationship with and authentically comment on their pages. Avoid the use of automated bots to gain followers. It is a major turnoff and can be considered cheating.

3. Brand Awareness: Targeted Digital Ads and Influencer Marketing

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer useful advertising programs. Decide who your customer avatar is. Describe them down to the favorite shows they watch. Take all of that information and plug it into the advertising criteria on these platforms. The algorithms can make sure these people see your ads. Another one of the most amazing digital marketing secrets includes the intentional use of ambassadors and influencers that directly align with what you're selling. Too often, brands will reach out to anyone with a large platform. This is the quickest way to get ignored. Build relationships with the ambassadors you'd like to use for a more authentic and cohesive campaign.

4. Grow and Nurture Your List of Prospects and Customers

If you're running a campaign and marketing with a limited budget, it's wise to build up your email list and consider the use of a free opt-in incentive. Create a digital product that is of little cost to you but would be incredibly valuable to the customers you desire. Additionally, consider strategies such as SMS and Facebook Messenger as many people interact with brands through their smartphones.

5. Retargeting: Website Visitors, Increase Conversions, and Increase ROI

To get a grasp on how to maximize marketing efforts, it can be useful to create a retargeting strategy. Keep the old customers and upsell them with even more valuable products and services. Use pop-ups to gain the email address of your website visitors and continue a process that involves lead pages and optimized sales funnels. While small business marketing may seem complex, it's still a process that can become a well-oiled machine. Take advice from me at my company, Brandmize365, and customize the experience for your clients.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email: dustin@brandmize.com.

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Stop avoiding common mistakes most small to medium size business owners make in their online marketing. It's about maximizing opportunities. Most business owners I talk to are frustrated because there is so much they want to do but unsure how to execute. Don't be one of them.

It's time to execute and create high a ROI on your next campaign.

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