If You're Marketing Your Business Yourself, You'll Hate Yourself Later.

If You're Marketing Your Business Yourself, You'll Hate Yourself Later.

Avoid Common Mistakes With Professional Marketing Help

One of the biggest errors small business owners make is trying to take on marketing themselves. Without a proper understanding of advertising and online marketing, you could end up harming your business. A classic example of what not to do is post spamming. Everyone has seen businesses make this mistake. In addition to putting off potential customers, nonstop sales posts on social media are penalized by Google. Another common example is the misuse of directory submissions. Personally for me, one of the most common mistakes that I see more and more of now is how self-serve marketing platforms are hurting small businesses more than helping.

Why Self-serve Marketing is Failing Small Businesses

Business Owners and managers are often marketing with a limited budget. Do-it-yourself marketing becomes a common solution when pennies are tight. However, online platforms can be challenging to navigate and confusing to operate for small businesses. Time and time again we see advertisements from all of these self-serve platforms that offer in-depth keyword research for SEO, and easy to use Facebook ads platforms guaranteeing results. From what appears to be a seamlessly easy platform turns into being a big waste of money. 

Why? It's Quite simple. Knowledge, strategy, and execution. 

It seems like every time you turn around there's a new gadget or widget. I talk to business owner's every day, and they're perplexed. Yes, a company can offer the latest greatest SEO keyword strategy tool, but that's just the beginning.

How does a business owner begin to figure out how to create the content pages and know how to optimize those pages specific to the search engines recommendation? Not to mention, try to manually market the backlink profiles to create the site authority necessary to rank high in the search engines by receiving inbound links to those content pages. How does a business owner begin to find the time to effectively market their business to meet the demands of the ever-changing consumer when trying to run a business?

This is why self-serve marketing is failing business owner's. 

How Do Marketing Experts Help?

The complexities of Google algorithms, keyword trends, market shifts, and other factors can seem overwhelming. As a small business marketing professional, I have the expertise to guide your business through them. I can help you refine your brand identity for the digital-media era. As a qualified expert, I understand the digital marketing strategies that are rewarded by the search engines and internet users. I know how to maximize marketing efforts within a variety of budgets. Leveraging this knowledge and experience can be vital to your success.

What Can You Do to Help Your Business?

Develop your brand and brand identity. Who are you as a business owner? What are your unique selling points? What are the personality traits of your target customers? Also, bear in mind the importance of small business digital marketing. In local listings, search results, and social media outlets, you need a strong online footprint. Developing a strong brand identity and company voice creates a unique profile that stands out from competitors.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Business?

My company is Brandmize 365, and I'm here to help you take your enterprise to the next level. My proprietary SEO technology and collection of digital marketing secrets can be your secret weapon.

Trying to figure out where to start? Working with a skilled digital marketer can be the exact thing your business needs to achieve growth in today's digital age.  

Join my next webinar! I will show one of the most effective marketing strategies to sell more an increase revenue.  CLICK HERE to register.

Or feel free to reach out! Schedule a FREE Strategy Session and receive an in-depth strategy with insights on how to dominate your local marketplace and grow your business. Contact me today to work out a customized package tailored to your specific budget and business needs. CLICK HERE to schedule a strategy session or just talk shop.  I love talking to business owners it's my passion.

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